Thursday, February 7, 2013

SCBWI part 2

Portfolio's For Children's Books

At the conference I learned the importance of book dummies.  In the portfolio review I had the opportunity to include a book dummy.  I did not include one only to find out that they are very important for a children's book portfolio. Art Directors (AD) are not necessarily looking for great writing skills, or even if they are the correct length.  They are looking to see if you can pace a children's book, and break up text in appropriate places.

With Portfolios less is more. Even if it is only 10 images, if you are unsure about a piece don't include it.

It is easier for AD's to sell editors on an illustrator if they display a consistent style. That way the editors know better how illustrations will turn out!  If you have more than one style have them on two different portfolios, perhaps even have a "pen"name (is it a brush name for an illustrator) for your second style.

I hope these posts are useful!

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  1. I missed you the Sunday you were gone, and then I was gone last week after Sacrament due to being sick. I hope I can see you this Sunday! :)