Friday, March 18, 2011

This week we get to pick what medium we would research. I came across an artist that uses pastels. I thought this might me a very interesting media to try to reproduce digitally. I have not used pastels very much so it don't know how to use it so I will do my best to find out the technics. Pastels have a very strong texture. usuall there is a bit of line work. it looks as though pastels can be layered and it leaves very interesting glimpses to the color underneath. the strokes are not as thick like impasto paint, it is fairly flat with alot of texture.

hear is the blog of Noah Kloceks blog he has many examples of pastels.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Digital illustration

This is the tradigital assinment that I did using watercolors and photoshop

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This weeks assignment in digital was to do what ever we wanted. I am choosing to reasearch tradigital, more specifically taking water color and digital and combining them. I love working with watercolors they have a charm to them and they are very spontaneous. Water color makes wonderful drippy marks that I do not know how to get digitally and it seems like many happy accedents occure. However in todays world knowing digital is required, also I have a hard time getting dark values with my water color. One of my favorite illustrators Justin Gerard has used this method of watercolors with digital very nicely. if you follow the link to his blog and look under the hobbit you will be able to see his process. With this tradigital process there is all the spontanity that happens natrally with water colors then it is scanned in and digitally refined and values are added.