Monday, October 10, 2011

soft ground

this one is hard to explain so I wont sorry peeps


This technique uses tree dust then you melt it on to the copperplate and etch it in ferric chloride I used this technique over my hard ground.

I really don't know how to spell this next technique so I am not going to try...

chine colle

I added paper to my drypoint and it became a technique called Chine colle

This was the next technique I learned in printmaking, it is a hard ground. For those you who aren’t familiar with printmaking this is done by pouring colored floor wax on a copper plate scraping the image out and then etching it in ferric chloride.

This is my Drypoint (that looks a little better than the first one)


ok so this is my first print ever so don't judge me I know its wiped awfully , this is a Dry point.