Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Web Banner?

I need Feedback on this! I want to develop a Logo sort of thing (ok its not really a logo) to go on the top of my contracts, business card, mailers, website, and yes even this blog. Please leave a comment indicating which one you think is best (Text only, Brushes, Satyr!)

P.S. Don't worry I will do some editing to the image I go with.


  1. Hi Kim!

    I really like how you handled the text of the logo. I would probably give a bit more space between the i and the S.

    The brushes is my favorite of the three. but I think the brushes should be about the same height as the logo type. You'll probably need to simplify the logo itself a bit.

    Your blog looks good! Just go for personalization, and remember that the elements and principles of art apply to websites too!

  2. Kkkkkimchi!

    I like the personal touch to it! So here's my 50 cent as not a graphic designer...

    I agree with whatever allison said about the i and s, it needs more spacing since it looks smooshed right now.

    The other thing is the r. At first I thought it was a d or a b since it had that left loop. I would take it out since I it's the only one that has a weird loop to the side.

    Personally I like the satyr idea since it's more unique then the boring brushes. But I'm not really sold on it yet though since the composition feels off balanced with the satyr. So you know what to do... sketch some more! ha

  3. Alision, Ray,
    Thanks so much for your comments! I am fixing the R and the S and the I , I agree with you guys 100%.

  4. I do like the text only design. Maybe use both the brushes one and the text one, depending on what you need?

  5. I like the first one best. Simple and looks a lot like the charm your prints have about them.