Monday, May 28, 2012

I have heard it said, that you are not a real artist until you have drawn a dead bird.  Well I have a soft spot for animals and  I find it sad when they die, so I don't think I will ever draw a dead bird. So I did a quick  study of Perceville the Pigeon (pictured above.)

Today I was working on my art when my mom commented that out cat was hunting a pigeon, then she screamed "ohh she got it it's hurt, go save it, go save it." so my brother and I ran out to save it... My brother risked scratches as he pulled the cat away from the pigeon  and I picked the pigeon up, he had suffered an injured wing. so we brought him inside, and are nursing him back to health. We named him Perceville, and hopefully he will recover soon! In the mean time he makes a very good model so you may see more study's of him.

P.S. does any one know how to take care of a pigeon?


  1. I totally don't know what to do with a pigeon! Your art is wonderful...what an incredible gift you have at capturing emotion, color, and life. Totally awesome!!

  2. Thank you so much Sarah! Sorry I did not see your comment sooner! The Pigeon got better and flew away!

  3. this post made me laugh. a lot. I love you kim-chi